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Why Choose MUDJACKING for Concrete Leveling?

No waiting for concrete to cure as in replacement (we take hours vs. 28 days)!

Mudjacking is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement.

No concrete to break up and haul away, and no damage to lawn or shrubs.

Eliminate hazards caused by sunken concrete that can lead to liability suits.

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Concrete Contractor in Shelby Township, MIConcrete Raising in Shelby Township: Mudjacking is the process by which grout is pumped into holes drilled in a concrete slab. After grout fills all voids, displaces water and water-saturated materials, the pressure exerted by the grout pushes up on the concrete slab and raises it to the desired height.

How Mudjacking Works
  • A few small holes are carefully drilled into the sunken concrete.
  • The compound works hydraulically underneath the concrete, raising it back to its original position.
  • Once the desired result is obtained, the holes are sealed off using a durable cement mixture and it is ready to use the very same day!
Why You Should Use Elite Concrete Services

While there are many companies that raise concrete – very few do it right! Elite Concrete Raising Inc. adheres to the National Standards and Specifications for Raising and Leveling Concrete.  By using our company, you enjoy the benefit of the most precise and longest lasting results.

Unfortunately the concrete raising industry is not known for its professionalism, however, we strive to be different… Our goal is to provide our clients with the most professional service from the initial estimate and right on through the completion of the job and beyond.

If you want the job done right and at the right price, call Elite Concrete Raising Inc. at (586) 731-7226 and set up your FREE estimate today! 

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